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Pollinator Challenge: Mel Fegler

Have you ever asked yourself how to be better? Better health, a better mate, team member, family member, better COMMUNITY member? PX3 is here to help with one possible goal. Being a better community member can mean so many things. I believe learning about something that I have limited knowledge about is my favorite way to be better.

So what does this have to do with pollinators. It is a world that is small, unknown, so therefore seemingly dangerous and scary to many. Bees sting! Well, some bees have the capability to sting ; humans have the capability of far more. Bees have recently been declared the single most important group of animals to the success of the planet (take that humans). To take on understanding why are bees the MOST valuable group of animals is a lesson about how to play a more functional role in both your ecological and human community.

The day to day life of a bee is a 24/7 life of raising the next generation and often times raising siblings, not their own young. A bee's day to day life is hard. Traveling to find food for 100's in some cases, through adverse conditions, fleeing predators, defending the young.

It is something of a dramatic sci-fi novel; no really, it is...and I REALLY good one. Read tomorrow's blog for the 'Books with Pollinators' review.

The Social Apidae bee member the Bumblebee almost ready to return to the hive: Photo by Pollinator Paparazzi

Bees are focused, deliberate and deliberately impactful, all for their family. Understanding more about that kind of life is worthy of all of our time. It can be overwhelming and there is always the fear factor that no one should be ashamed of; it is natural and incredibly common.

Beautiful Solitary Green Bee Group of Halictidae: Photo by Pollinator Paparazzi

When I am challenged by something bigger than myself I think about the primary obstacles and where I stand for each. PX3 has designed a way to discover ones obstacles, current comfort/knowledge/degree of engagement with pollinators. The Pollinator Challenge is below with descriptive text and Levels 1-3 to explore. Where are you and where do you want to be in your understanding of pollinators? We challenge you in your own time, mind and space. You don't have to tell anyone the results.

Step One: Read through the following statements just to get your mind in the game. In the words of Fezzik, from the Princess Bride " I just want you to feel you are doing well"... Google it, I won't tell :)

Step two: Read the prompts. Each prompt gets a score you assign yourself based on your personal assessment of how confident you are with that prompt (1 -10). 10 -I feel very confident with that prompt.

Step three: Add up your current pollinator challenge gauge

Step four: Explore the level your gauge falls in and start your pollinator journey.

Do to the pandemic PX3 is working hard to introduce our virtual workshop series, stay tuned! PX3 members and board members make up Pollinator Paparazzi. If you have a fabulous photo you want us to share you can join the team.

Executive Director Mel Fegler : Pollinator Paparazzi Extreme!

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