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The Answers You Need


Did you know Pollinators Prospering People is an intentional palindrome phrase? PX3 loves to empower individuals towards implementing sustainable pollinator habitat. Use these favorite tools to decide what forage plant species you need to invite garden crop helpers and beautiful butterflies to your space. You may have a large space or need super plants in a smaller space.

As a national organization PX3 has some favored online resources for native seeds. With Maryland being our home we have several local brick and mortar we encourage you to support.  They are all tremendous pollinator supporters and FUN to explore. Grab some friends, take the day and visit them ALL.

National citizen science efforts is a powerful way for you to Increase your macro photography skills while practicing pollinator ID to impact national pollinator conservation efforts. PX3 challenges you to join the movement; don’t forget to do it in your PX3 Pollinator Paparazzi Tee! These are all great ways to learn and get involved at your own pace. See below for a list of great national projects.

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