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Education & Outreach


Mexican Monarch Adventure

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White Picket Fence

Start with an introductory on-site property assessment conducted by one of PX3’s natural resource specialists. This assessment will cover the possibilities of the property, spacing, and challenges. Once the assessment is complete we will meet with you and share a summary of our findings and recommendations.

Gardening Tools

Site specific designs will be developed in partnership with the stakeholder objectives, property possibilities, spacing, and challenges. The plan will include recommended services the client will choose from in order to provide a custom approach for each project.

Water Filter Maintenance

PX3 has a variety of experience that can eliminate the stress of needing to care for pollinator corridors and patches while they progress. Winterizing, regenerating and sustaining the project space can be easily taken care of so clients can sit back and enjoy the rewards of this beautiful result.

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Education & Outreach


Hosting an event or festival about sustainable practices? Looking for an expert speaker to discuss native Maryland pollinators? PX3 would love to join you! Connecting to the community and reaching out to new audiences helps sustain our mission and yours.

PX3 has talented outdoor educators and a collection of detailed lessons easily customized or adapted to any need. We have a wide variety of program resources that can be offered as independent services or with each "client package" to facilitate the use of the pollinator corridor or patch. Programs include curriculum sets for all ages; including “train the trainer” opportunities. PX3 also has the capability to run custom learning programs and workshops in-house on a permanent basis.

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Mexican Monarch Adventure


Join PX3 for this once in a lifetime unique international travel experience. Participants will venture to the Oyamel forests of central Mexico to witness the majestic wintering grounds of the "mariposa monarcha" as well as become immersed in local Mexican culture. Trips are all inclusive and run on an annual basis in early February. Join our mailing list to keep in the loop on registration dates and trip announcements.

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