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Pollinators Prosper with Community Solar!

Does your energy come from renewable resources yet? Everyone wins by going solar with Neighborhood Sun through PX3, and no installation is required! Reduce your billing fees and tap into community-based, local solar power electricity. This renewable energy can help us transition off of non-renewable energy sources like dirty coal.

Also, the pollinators benefit because PX3 gets a donations for every subscriber, which in turn helps us educate, create and sustain pollinator habitat. Neighborhood Sun has a Dogwood Project Completion Special right now. Sign up now, through the PX3 link, or read on for additional information...

How can one do this? See the sign up, billing, and process works can be seen through these links here:

When one signs up, the Utility Account number, one form of payment, be it credit card or bank account is needed (enroll on The only requirement is an assured 10% discount below BGE’s rate, with the whole 3 years of the arrangement, when using the ACH payment process. There are no inconveniences, there can be a cancellation freely and clearly if you move from the area. If moving to another area with same utility used, the contract can come too.

Currently in the White Marsh’s BGE project with their low moderate income area, those who qualify receive a 25% utility price discount. By the end of 2019 or close to 2020, this solar energy will be accessible.

Any questions or other, feel free to either call or email NS questions. (240)284-6245 or or

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