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PX3 2020 Mexico Monarch Adventure Q&A Summary

Welcome to the summary of the Q&A session. Participant questions included : Q: clarification on the last night accommodations: Answer: the last night of either the 19th OR the 25th are NOT included and to be arranged by the participant. Q: helmets for horseback riding A: Horse back rides DO NOT include a helmet Q: any special needs for hotels: A: registrants will get a detailed packing list BUT one site last year said to bring sleeping bags. Some of our particpants in 2019 did and wished they hadn't and others didn't and wished they had. It comes down to personal temperature preferences. I bring mine and am happy I do. Q: Backpack size A: a day pack should work well for you. Just big enough to hold money, camera, water bottle, snack.....I hope I didn't miss any but I will continue to take questions at

Enjoy the presentation :)

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